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I need to make a program similar to a Lego designer (only for DNA parts instead of Lego). There are so many different options to choose from and I'm not sure whats the best one for my needs. JOGL, lwjgl, JMonkeyEngine and I'm sure there are others.

Can you please recommend the most suitable one for my needs?

This is how the program should pretty much look at the end. And a picture here:

enter image description here

I only know a bit of JOGL programming but before im getting into it I wanna be sure its the right thing for me.

Thank you for all your help , and I hope the question was clear.


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I'd suggest jMonkeyEngine for this. It uses LWJGL under the hood but provides some higher level constructs that will make your life much easier - in particular it implements a scene graph that you can use to build your world / models.

LWJGL could also be a good choice, but it's more low-level (effectively a thin wrapper over OpenGL). So you would need to implement most of the 3D engine parts yourself.

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Thank you ! After i took a look on what scene graph is , i think you're right :). Any online tutorials you are familiar with , i can learn from ? Or does the documentation is enough? –  Drau Sep 17 '12 at 11:02
There are some quite good tutorials etc. on the jMonkeyEngine Wiki - jmonkeyengine.org/wiki/doku.php/jme3#tutorials_for_beginners –  mikera Sep 17 '12 at 14:30

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