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I Apologize if this question has already been asked. i can't seem to find it anywhere if it has.

I have a custom build script use to syntax check some php files and upload them to a server, and this is executed as a part of the build process. since this script is used to parse inline php statements (embedded in objective c blocks using macros) it's fairly critical this script happens on each build. the actual execution is working fine, i'd just also like to be able to open a particular file when there is an error, and locate the cursor in the approximate location.

i have found that since xcode is configured on my system to open .php files by default (not sure if that's the norm or if i did it manually at some point), using

open filename.php

in a shell script opens the file.

i'd like to be able to specify the line number too.

eg something along the lines of

open filename.php --args --jump-to-line 1234

(--args is a switch for "open" meaning pass the arguments on to Xcode)

any ideas?

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You can use the xed command. Only works for Xcode 3 though, not other editors. For Xcode 4, try this

See man xed

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