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how can we relate two custom fields like if i select some value in one , it automatically shown in other in wordpress? Let Suppose , i create two custom content type like Recipes and Shows. now i create two custom fields(type relation) respectively , one under Recipes named related_shows and other in Shows named related_recipes. Now i select one (Shows post) from related_shows field in Recipes. What i want , when i go to Shows post it automatically display that recipe in related_recipes field as added by own.Because that Shows we already assigned in Recipes(related_recipes). How can we do that? Many to many relation like if we select related_shows in Recipes, it automatically display that Recipes in Shows(related_recipes), we do not need to add it there .

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What did you try actually ? How do you handle your custom fields (plugin) ? –  soju Sep 17 '12 at 9:08

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If your "custom content types" are WordPress custom post types, you can relate them using the Posts 2 Posts plugin. It should do what you need.

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