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I have an old Flash Project (AS 2 pre flash 9) that I have to port canvas. The animation is used as a background in a kiosk like application. The platform it needs to run on is Android 4 WebKit.

I have tried to export the animation in CS3 and extract the images using Zoë but I just get an error message and then it just says "Exporting..." forever.

Swiffy works partially but I get 25 "Pixel hinting on strokes is not supported" errors. Another downside would be that I still had to maintain the animation in flash.

I have no prior experience in flash and some experience in JavaScript/Canvas.

My main goal is to extract the images from the .fla file because I will probably rewrite the code anyway.

EDIT: I ended up copying every flash element in to a new Project and saving it as a png or svg.

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Not sure if it helps, but have you tried the CreateJS toolkit ? –  George Profenza Sep 18 '12 at 9:41
If I understand this correctly we would still have to use the flash to program the animation, which is something we also want to get away from. I have also mentioned this in my original post. –  Philippe Sep 19 '12 at 6:28
I understand. I presume the tools you've mentioned (Zoë and Swiffy) probably have something complex to deal with. I imagine the .fla might need some 'massaging'/preparation before the conversion. I wouldn't expect complex nested elements to translate nicely or newer design features. Maybe try to save a different version of the .fla where newer features(e.g. pixel hinting on strokes) are replaced for something simpler and maybe complex MovieClips/timelines can be copied into a new document and exported individually then put back together in JS after being exported. I doesn't look simple though. –  George Profenza Sep 19 '12 at 15:48
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I've searched through similar problem and froud the solution here enter link description here

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