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Im localizing my GWT app, and I want to localize the context menu in my listgrid (SmartGWT). According to the doc, I can set the title of group/ungroup by:


public void setGroupByText(String groupByText)

This is a dynamic string - text within \${...} will be evaluated as JS code when the message is displayed, with title available as a variable containing the field title.

Default value returns "Group by " + the field's summary title.

I want to put "Group by XXX" (in different languages), where XXX is the column title, and I should be able to do that with a dynamic string, which evaluates the JS title variable. But how? I need a concrete example, such as:

list.setGroupByText("GROUP BY \\${title}"); // DOES NOT WORK!!!
list.setGroupByText("GRUPPÉR MED \\${title}"); // DOES NOT WORK!!!

Any suggestions?

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Ok, I might be very stupid. Here's the answer:

list.setGroupByText("Group by ${title}"); 

So, in danish that would be:

list.setGroupByText("Gruppér efter ${title}");
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