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On a form there is a treeview, filled up with some hierarchical data. Treeview is linked to an imagelist. Pretty simple, isn't it?

There is a such moment - after a specific action (ex. status change) - for a specific node I need to clear it's image - only text. I try code this next way:

treeView1.SelectedNode.SelectedImageIndex = -1;
treeView1.SelectedNode.ImageIndex = -1;

but not work - image persists.

Is any way to do this?

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Ok, I found solution myself. Firstly - response to my question is no, but there is a trick - on form load I'm adding dynamically a transparent image:

 Bitmap mockBmp = new Bitmap(16, 16);
 using (Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(mockBmp))
 //add images to list
 this.imageList1.Images.Add("RootNode", mockBmp);

and after that when I need to "clear" the image of a node - I have only to set this image to that node.

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You fired first :) Nice, because it's runtime. –  Larry Sep 17 '12 at 9:51

You can trick it by adding a blank picture to your ImageList.

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