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I need the equivalent of

SELECT SUM(balance) as "total_balance" FROM users;

in Kohana3.

So, how to find a sum of the balance column of users table in Kohana3?

$total_balance = ORM::factory ( 'user' )->find ();//I want to change this string to find total_balance to be a sum of the balance column.
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There is no SUM() equivalent in ORM. Kohana ORM doesn't provides much equivalents to native SQL functions.

As a workaround use DB::select() with DB::expr() like:

$total_balance = DB::select(array(DB::expr('SUM(`balance`)'), 'total_balance'))

Produced query:

SELECT SUM(`balance`) AS `total_balance` FROM `users`
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You can also use: DB::select(array('SUM("balance")', 'total_balance)) or similar. Note the double quotes – SpadXIII Oct 2 '12 at 8:05

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