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In my project, where we use pjsip2 to receive streaming audio from a shared server.

The app is meant to only receive streaming audio, not record. However even though we have disabled the mic in out code we still get a notification of the app recording while it is in the background (top bar flashing red with text: " (recording)").

How can I disable the recording notification while our app is running in the background?

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What have you set in to info.plist for UIBackgroundModes? – Alex Terente Sep 17 '12 at 10:10

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Remove the audio option from info plist for UIBackgroundModes


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Ty for your answer, tried it, still go the same problem tho. Have this in my .plist: <key>UIBackgroundModes</key> <array> <string>audio</string> </array> I'm thinking I still need "audio" as the app plays audio and should be able to do it in the background too. – Linus Persson Sep 18 '12 at 11:11
if you have voip you will be able to have the current call in bg, but you will to have the red top bar. – Alex Terente Sep 18 '12 at 11:24
Guessing I won't get around the flashing bar if I need audio in the background. – Linus Persson Sep 18 '12 at 12:40

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