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I'm searching for an easy way to access a java webservice via javascript.

Since apache cxf supports this '' annoation, i decided to implement my Webservices with cxf.

As this is not going to be a big thing i don't want to use Tomcat. I want to publish my webservice with the classes from*

Can you provide me a tutorial or some snippets, showing me how i implement a single method on this way?

(The tutorials i found were all dealing with tomcat)

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You will need a servlet container one way or the other if you want to use HTTP transport.

CXF has a built-in standalone HTTP transport though which doesn't require you to run an external container. Internally it is using Jetty.

See for details.

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Thanks for your response, meanwhile I started to deal with rest services as I think they are better for my purpose. (So I have not tested this soloution) – Reini Sep 18 '12 at 12:16

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