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I have some issues with "expected_title" procedure from watir-page-helper. It is throwing an error like the current web page has a different title than the expected one, although it is the correct title:

RuntimeError: Expected title 'Some title' instead of 'Some Title'.

This happens randomly, and my tests fail frequently on different pages. The website on which I am working is loading in a reasonable amount of time, I don't think it is a loading page issue.

To initialize the pages I am using the next method:

@new_mail_editor =, false)

This is for pages that are opened when accessing links.

Does someone have a clue why this is happening? Is there a way to dodge this issue?

Thank you.

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Watir-page-helper has been end-of-lifed, you should try page-object gem.

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Thanks for the answer Željko. I hope is not to complicated changing watir-page-helper with page-object in my project. – Cristian M Sep 17 '12 at 12:59
Alister Scott wrote a blog post on converting to PO at… – Dave McNulla Sep 17 '12 at 23:57

Meantime I found out what I was doing wrong. When initializing the browser and checking the title, I was using "has_expected_title?" instead of "expected_title". It seems that I didn't used correctly the first function Now everything works great.

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