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I'm trying to link from an URL to a specific page within a PDF document being viewed using the Preview.app built in Safari (using iOS on iPad2). I know that Sarafi does not support (hopefully in the near future) the PDF parameters like for example:




Which should result in the PDF being viewed on page 17 when opened. But as we know Safari opens it at the first page instead.


When I am displaying the PDF in Safari and I change the pagenumber (in the URL bar) into a different pagenumber, IT WORKS. It jumps to the correct page, and I'm changing it again and again and it works flawlessly.

So I figured, alright maybe it's because the PDF needs to be loaded the first time viewing, so I preloaded the PDF in cache, but no succes.

How can I get it to work, so that it goes to the correct page when opening the PDF? Is there a script for changing the page number after loading or is there a different solution?

You can find the PDF I'm talking about here: http://www.michaelmaasdam.nl/mobile/new/pagina/begroting/begroting2012.pdf?page=14

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Is this link being shown from a native app?

If so, you could opt to use QuickLook instead and you may have a little more control over this kind of thing from within that.

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