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I tried the jquery crSpline plugin (, but I have some weird movement with the last but one coordinate.

The top property of the red point goes wild with the last but one position (something like -3000px).

Here you can find some code:

and the demo here:

Do you see something wrong?

Or even better, since the plugin development seems to be dead, do you have an alternative?



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The problem is so, that you do not convert string values of x and y to integers. That's why the maths works with strings and do string concatenation instead of sum (e.g. in generateExtension method).

Just add parseInt to your coordinates conversion and everything will work.

$.each(json, function() {
    points.push([parseInt(this.x, 10), parseInt(this.y, 10)]);
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thanks VisioN! that did the trick – xavier.seignard Sep 17 '12 at 12:11

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