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I'm using the same action to deal with an html and a json response, just suffixing the later one route with .json.

The json is working with no problem, but when the response is html I need to pass an additional variable to the Twig template, and I don't know and I don't find how to do it. At the moment, my code is:

// $entity = get my data;

$name = 'foo';

$view = $this->view($entity, 200)

return $this->handleView($view);

How can I pass $name to myTemplate.html.twig? What I would need is something like:

->setTemplate('MyBundle:MyController:myTemplate.html.twig', array('name' => $name))
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Ok, I got the response opening an issue in FosRestBundle github page.

At the moment, there is no straightforward way, but the following procedure will work:

1) Add _format option with html and json values, respectively, in the route defaults:

defaults: { _controller: myBundle:myController:myAction, _format: html } #or json

2) Add $_format as the first parameter of the action signature:

public function myActionAction($_format, $any_other_paramer)

3) Conditionally add more variables to the Twig template:

if ($this->get('fos_rest.view_handler')->isFormatTemplating($_format)) {
  $view->setData(array('name' => $name, 'entity' => $view->getData()));
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