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Got a custom cell filled w some dynamic data in a tableview and that works fine. The problem is that when selecting a cell, it don't push into the next "detail view" any more, as it did before I started using a custom cell.

I used InterfaceBuilder, to connect the custom cell in the tableview to the "detailview". (Also tried to delete the old segue and added a new one, but no difference).

Do I need to create a special layer in the custom cell to be "selected" or similar? And/or can't I use InterFacebuidler to connect the custom cell?

Any tips / pointers? Thanks :-)

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SOLVED! In the “tableView didSelectRowAtIndexPath:” method simply call connected segue (created in IB) to perform move to the the connected view (aslo created in IB). This works great, enjoy!;

[self performSegueWithIdentifier:@"SEGcontest" sender:self];

P.s. Thank’s to Jack Nutting, found the solution in your book Beginning iOS 5 Development…”

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