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I would like write a script to generate a CSV file from my mongoDB database and I would like to know the most convenient version !

first let me begin with the structure of collections.

MyDataBase -> setting

in setting I have something like

setting -> _id

and the thing I am after, is making a CSV file out of profiles in data which they have some fields/properties like "name", "address", "postalcode", "email", age and etc. and not neccessary all of these profile have all files/properties and even some of them look like collection (have sub-branches) which I am not interested in at all !

so, my code is python so far is look like these

myquery = db.settings.find() # I am getting everything !
output = csv.writer(open('some.csv', 'wt')) # writng in this file

for items in myquery[0:10]: # first 11 entries
    a = list(items['data']['Profile'].values()) # collections are importent as dictionary and I am making them as list
    tt = list()
    for chiz in a:
        if chiz is not None:
            tt.append(chiz.encode('ascii', 'ignore')) #encoding

these fields/properties dont have neccessary all fields, and also even some of them are collection(with sub-branch) and will be imported as dictionary ! so, I have to convert them to list and all and all, there are quite few things to take care in such a process and in all doesn't look that straightforward !

My question might be sounds very general but is it a typical way to make such report ?! if not, can you someone make it clear ?!

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Have you tried mongoexport? It will export a collection to CSV and may save you the effort of rolling your own tool. – Stennie Sep 17 '12 at 11:29
well, I wish "mongoexport" was working in python as well ! or there was some nice IDE for mongodb to be able to play with csv/table format like, easier. – user702846 Sep 19 '12 at 10:02
There are several different Admin UIs, but "nice" is subjective as everyone has different requirements and preferences. One lateral option you might want to look into is a reporting tool. For example, Jasper/iReport is a visual report designer that supports MongoDB and can export to multiple formats including CSV. – Stennie Sep 19 '12 at 13:21

Yes, I am using the same way. It is clear and fast, also it works without of any additional libraries.

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