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I have made most of my automation code using Selenium RC with Python. But, I feel that with the evolution in my product (what I'm testing through selenium RC), my automation needs are changed. I tried Wedriver with python and it works a treat with my product. But, as many features of my new product versions are inherited from the previous versions, I feel that I can make use of my existing Selenium RC code. But, for new features, I want to use Webdriver.

Moreover, there are also some things w.r.t the selenium profile that I 'm maintaining. Examples:

  1. For ssl certificates, using selenium RC, I have 2 methods: Selenium profile (where I have saved the acceptance of ssl certificate) and 'trustallsslcertificates' parameter while starting selenium rc. Using trustallsslcertificates slows down the automation speed like hell.
    But, using webdriver, I dont need all such ssl certificates.
  2. Using Selenium RC, whenever I need to download a file using my web page, I have used the save option as default and saved it in the same selenium profile. But, using webdriver, I have other options to download a file, rather than maintaining the selenium profile.

I also checked in the existing question: Selenium Web driver and selenium RC, but, the answer seems to old, many things must have updated by then.

Crux of my question is: Can I integrate my existing python code, that I use using selenium RC (Python bindings - selenium.py ), with Webdriver using python ?

PS: Currently I am using selenium 2.3.0.jar file

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import com.thoughtworks.selenium.DefaultSelenium;

public class Facebook {

public static void main (String [] args)
    DefaultSelenium ds= new DefaultSelenium("localhost",1223,"*firefox","https://");

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Can you please edit the code and add comments to explain what part of this code is being used to merge the calls to rc through webdriver ? –  GodMan Jan 25 '13 at 9:26

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