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I have a runnable jar, which contains multiple classes within a package. I am trying to have this applet run on my local apache server using html.

<applet code="LoginGUI.class" archive="html.jar" width="640" height="480">

The program runs properly in Eclipse, but it does not load when called through the above html code. I think this may be due to the classes being within the package1 folder in the jar file, but am unsure how to rectify this, if this is indeed the problem. I have tested calling single classes through html, so this is not the issue as they work fine. Please advise on how this can be fixed, or if there is a more logical approach to this that I am unaware of. First time trying to do this sort of thing.

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If all classes are in the package1 package, then you should have:

<applet code="package1.LoginGUI.class" archive="html.jar" width="640" height="480">
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