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I use Intellij Idea for development and I want to configure Intellij to optionally use javap -c feature . Is there any plugin ? How do I do that ?

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There is also the ASM Bytecode Outline plugin that will show the opcodes. It is available via Settings > Plugins > Browse Repositories. – ccpizza Dec 27 '15 at 22:24
In Intelij Idea 14.x you can do it by opening Settings->External Tools and clicking add button. Choose any name and description as you whish, in tool settings set: Program: '$JDKPath$\bin\javap.exe', Parameters: '-c $FileClass$', Working directory: '$OutputPath$'. Now when having your class opened in editor click right mouse button and choose 'External tools-> name_that_you_set' – Tom Apr 24 at 7:41
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You can configure an external tool to run javap.

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