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I've got 2 controllers.

  1. CategoryController

    public function readAction()
       $id = $this->_request->getParam('id');
       $categoryModel = new Model_Category();
           throw new \Exception(__METHOD__.', could not create category model');
       $category = $categoryModel->getCategory($id);
       $parent = $category->findParentRow(new Model_Category());
           $this->view->parent = 'no parent';
           $this->view->parent = $parent->name;
       // I need to pass category object to read.phtml of controller category
       // so that each attributes of the category could be displayed.
       $this->view->category = $category;
       // Below the category section, I also need to list all 
       // the business entities which are the child rows of that category. 
       // So I forward to controller business, action list.
       // Normally I use list.phtml in controller business to do that.
       $this->_forward('list', 'business');
  2. BusinessController

But after I call _forward, the read.phtml is not diplayed, I could see only the list.phtml of controller business. My question is, what could I do if I want to call read.phtml of controller category, and list.phtml of controller business at the same time?

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Render current action before forwarding:

public function readAction()
    // ...
    $this->_forward('list', 'business');
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That's it ;-) thanks you so much. –  varmansvn Sep 17 '12 at 13:17

In your read.phtml view, you could use :

echo $this->render('business/list.phtml');

to display the other view.

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this does not work in my case, because in my list view, i also need to put sort, filter, and pagination controls there. I mean, I don't need just to render the view, but also need to pass some data into it. Anyhow, thanks you so much for your reponse ;-) –  varmansvn Sep 17 '12 at 13:16

You can use $viewRenderer->setResponseSegment('someOtherThanContent') and render it lately in layout using

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