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We have an SQL server with about 40 different (about 1-5GB each) databases. The server is an 8 core 2.3G CPU with 32Gigs of RAM. 27Gig is pinned to SQL Server. The CPU utliziation is mostly close to 100% always and memory consumption is about 95%. The problem here is the CPU which is constantly close to 100% and trying to understand the reason.

I have run an initial check to see which database contributes to high CPU by using - this script but I could not substantiate in detail on whats really consuming CPU. The top query (from all DBs) only takes about 4 seconds to complete. IO is also not a bottleneck.

Would Memory be the culprit here? I have checked the memory split and the OBJECT CACHE occupies about 80% of memory allocated (27G) to SQL Server. I hope that is normal provided there are lot of SPs involved. Running profiler, I do see lot of recompiles, but mostly are due to "temp table changed", "deferred compile" etc and am not clear if these recompiles are a result of plans getting thrown out of cache due to memory pressure

Appreciate any thoughts.

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I assume you have checked the sql server executable and made sure it is using the CPU cycles. –  Sam Sep 17 '12 at 21:21
Yes, I have checked and it is the SQL Server process that takes all the CPU –  Lalman Sep 18 '12 at 8:39

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You can see some reports in SSMS:

Right-click the instance name / reports / standard / top sessions

You can see top CPU consuming sessions. This may shed some light on what SQL processes are using resources. There are a few other CPU related reports if you look around. I was going to point to some more DMVs but if you've looked into that already I'll skip it.

This article looks promising.

Some stackoverflow goodness from Mr. Ozar.

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Thanks Sam and I will check the article and links. To your point on reports, I did check many of those Reports on various aspects of CPU, IO and Memory and I see the top queries taking not more than 5 seconds. That puzzles me. I have monitored this behavior for more than a week and there has been no change –  Lalman Sep 18 '12 at 8:39

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