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I am using Flex, Flash Builder 4.5 and Extension Builder 2.0.0 and I use the "nochump ziplib" library to generate a ZIP file. I want to create a new folder in created ZIP file, but I can't find such function function in the "nochump" library. Can anyone please tell me if there is any function to add new folder in a ZIP file or a library which can help me do this?

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The directories are not first-class citizens in the ZIP format.

The archive is built from "entries" - plain files with their relative locations to the "central directory" (the "root" of the archive). This means that the ZIP file is composed from entries like "pictures/1.jpg", "doc/old/1.txt" etc. You don't have separate entries for the "pictures", "doc" or "doc/old" directories.

You can't create a new directory directly. Instead of creating a new directory first (such as "newDir") you may want to create a file (entry) inside instead (such as "newDir/1.txt") and "newDir" will appear as directory when you open the resulting ZIP file.

If you insist on having an empty directory in the archive, you may try the hacky way - adding entries like "newDir/." with zero length. But this may not work with your library.

The Wikipedia article for the ZIP format has all the theory explained pretty well.

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