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<asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource5" runat="server" 
       ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:ConnectionString %>" 
       SelectCommand="SELECT * FROM [Themes] WHERE ([Theme] = @Theme) ORDER BY [Price]">
            <asp:Parameter DefaultValue="Dubai-and-Beyond" Name="Theme" Type="String" />
<asp:ListView ID="theme5" runat="server" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource5">
             <div id="itemPlaceHolderContainer" runat="server">
                 <span id="itemPlaceHolder" runat="server"></span>
       <asp:Image ID="Destinationimage" runat="server"
        ImageUrl='<%# Eval("ID", "~/CMS/ThemesHandler.ashx?ID={0}")+"&img=1"%>'  
        AlternateText="Destination_Image"  Height="140px" Width="179px" />
       <asp:Label ID="lblcountry" runat="server" Text='<%#Eval("Country") %>' />
   <div class="hotel_name">                                                            
       <asp:Label ID="lblcountry" runat="server" Text='<%#Eval("Country") %>' /></div>
       <asp:ImageButton ID="imgbtn5" runat="server" ImageUrl="images/book_nw.png"  
            OnClick="imgbtn5_Click" AlternateText="get_quote"/></div>

Code behind

protected void imgbtn5_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    ListViewItem item = theme5.Items[0];
    Label country = (Label)item.FindControl("lblcountry");
    string con = country.Text.ToString();
    Session["country"] = con.ToString();

Here, Theme5 is Listview. There is a Label and imgbutton in EACH listview item. I want to transfer label value on imgbutton click event. Problem here is i am not able to identify Row index of listview item.

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You can make use of CommandName and CommandArgument of your ImageButton within your ListView. You may than access the according item from within your ItemCommand event.

<asp:ImageButton ID="imgbtn5" runat="server" ImageUrl="images/book_nw.png"  
        OnClick="imgbtn5_Click" AlternateText="get_quote"
        CommandArgument='<%#Eval("ANY_COLUMN_OF_SOURCE") %>' />

And within your codeBehind file

protected void theme5_OnItemCommand(object sender, ListViewCommandEventArgs e)
  if (String.Equals(e.CommandName, "YOUR_COMMAND_NAME"))
   string arg = e.CommandArgument; // do whatever you want
   ListViewDataItem dataItem = (ListViewDataItem)e.Item;

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