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i am trying to read xml node's attribute from that file using simple xml reader

<song title="On Mercury" artist="Red Hot Chili Peppers" path="/red-hot-chili-peppers/on-mercury.mp3" />
<song title="Universally Speaking" artist="Red Hot Chili Peppers" path="/red-hot-chili-peppers/universally-speaking.mp3" />

i used that code to read it but it gave me xml parse error

$xml = simplexml_load_file("playlist.xml") 
       or die("Error: Cannot create object");

foreach($xml->children() as $data){
      echo $data->song['title'];
      echo "<br />";



please help me

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You don't need to call both ->children() and ->song. The first gives you all children of a particular node regardless of tag name, the second gives you all children of a particular node with the tag name "song".


foreach($xml->song as $song){
    echo $song['title'];
    echo "<br />";

Which is equivalent to:

foreach($xml->children() as $data) {
    if ( $data->getName() == 'song' ) {
        echo $data['title'];
        echo "<br />";
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