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I'm blessed with some processes on my machine that I can not kill by default - Task Manager claims "Access is denied". Since I have admin access, I can kill these processes in Process Explorer by modifying their permissions and granting "Full Control" to the Administrators group before attempting to kill them.

I'd like to automate this in a script, preferrably in standard CMD, if necessary using PowerShell or .NET scripting. Could anyone point me towards the necessary invocations?

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runas /user:Administrator taskkill /im processName* /f .If you need to supply the administrator user with password you'll need cpau:joeware.net/freetools/tools/cpau/index.htm .If you need to change the priority of the process try with wmic command: wmic process where name="explorer.exe" call setpriority 64 – npocmaka Sep 18 '12 at 8:19
Thank you, taskkill does what I wanted. – themel Sep 18 '12 at 14:09
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Added npocmaka's comment as an answer.

Use the following statement to kill a process as Administrator:

runas /user:Administrator taskkill /im processName* /f
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