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I am attempting to access my managed cloud instance via my knife tool. When ever I execute a knife rackspace command, the following line is output to my console multiple times before listing the response: "Excon nonblock is not supported by your OpenSSL::SSL::SSLSocket"

Have anyone else experienced this issue or do anyone know why or how to fix this?

A second issue I am having, is that when I do a knife "rackspace server list", the list returned is empty even though I do have an active server in the cloud. Any ideas?

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From this page:

There are two workarounds. First choice is better than second if you can manage it.

1) fix ca_path to cert path: Excon.ssl_ca_path = '/path/to/certs'

2) turn off peer verification: Excon.ssl_verify_peer = false

Both apply to your knife.rb file.

You could also check: this README and this wiki entry

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