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I've tried writing and rewriting this several times, to keep it brief and yet, include "pertinent" background. No luck, so I'm going to give the current situation and answer questions as asked.

I have two issues, so I'll put one in this post and the other in another post.

My problem is that my table, down to the tbody tag, is hard-coded into my JSP. The rows in the tbody tag are returned from an AJAX call, based upon user input. When the user does multiple searches, I get the rows I expect, but when the table is sorted the rows sorted by the tablesorter include ALL of the rows from ALL of the searches. So, tablesorter is caching and appending the rows - creating a very unacceptable experience for the users and a nightmare for me.

Is there a way to reset the tablesorter cache with each sort, to what is currently in the table? Otherwise, I believe I'm going to have to write my own table sorting script. Not something I had on my list of "want to do" this week.

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Here is the code that I finally ended up using:

$(".stripeMe").tablesorter({widgets: ['zebra'] });

Apparently, using the .trigger("update"); call clears the cache. Took some doing, but I finally found it in the forums and then in the docs.

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This worked for me:


widgetOptions : { filter_reset : '.reset' } won't help, even if you are updating the table after the page loads using Ajax calls.

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