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Not sure if this is zsh, iterm2 or the interaction between them. Trying to change the number of recallable lines in the terminal - not the command history, the output history.

In .zshrc I have :


This seems to be ignored =(

Not sure of the correct term to google, "Terminal output history?"

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It's not a shell problem, it's about your terminal emulator.
You have to find the option in the configuration / options / tools / whatever, for the number of lines to remember.

Apparently you know your terminal emulator is iterm2.

Looking for iterm2 on the google will lead you to the official website, then go to 'Documentation', Ctrl+F 'number' and find

Scrollback lines
The number of lines of scrollback buffer to keep above the visible part of the screen.

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It's not immediately obvious in the iterm documention on how to change it.

open the iterm2 preferences + , select the profiles tab, then the terminal subtab. change the value of the Scrollback Lines to whatever you'd like. You can even use the Unlimited scrollback option.

enter image description here

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