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I am setting up a blog using Blogger that needs to remain private. I understand that a private blog cannot have an RSS feed or use feedburner for email notifications.

I am wondering what other options I have for users to receive an email notification of new posts on the blog. I found a site suggesting that I could set up a Google group and use the email address for the group to send posts out to users, but I tried this and no email was sent out, i.e. I added the email address for the Google group to Settings/Mobile and Email/Email Posts to in Blogger, but the members of the Google group didn't receive an email.

I am wondering if there are other options?

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1.Sign in to Blogger

2.Click on your Blog Name

3.Click on Settings

4.Click on Mobile and Email

5.On the bottom click on Add,where it says Email posts to

6.Type the Email Address

7.On the top left,click on "Save Settings"

8.Create a new post and it shall take less than 48 hours for the email alert

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Thanks, this works a charm, although it won't email more than 10 people at a time, which is a minor annoyance. –  Joe Malt May 23 '13 at 20:46

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