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So I'm uploading my website to my webserver that I just bought, everything worked perfectly on my computer. But now I'm having a problem when inserting data in my database, I tracked down the problem to the IP addess of the user creating the row which is inserted in every row inserted.

I have a php function that returns the ip2long value and it looks like this :

function ip2()
        return ip2long($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);

Then to insert it into my database the sql code looks like this :

$sql = "INSERT INTO `Users` 
                        '".$db->sql_escape(htmlspecialchars($this->username, ENT_QUOTES))."',


The ip_created field is an int of length 10

All of the database interaction is handled in a php class, maybe this could be an issue.

I really have no idea where the problem can come from and it is really starting to bother my. Everything worked perfectly on my localhost version.

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ip2long() may return a negative number on a 32-bit system. If your database field is INT UNSIGNED this will not play the game correctly. I personally prefer to pack('N') the IP address and store it as a VARBINARY(4), YMMV –  DaveRandom Sep 17 '12 at 13:29

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id2long man page comments contain:

Be aware when you're running 64bit system, ip2long will result 64 bit integer which doesn't fit in MySQL INT, you can use BIGINT or INT UNSIGNED because on 64bit systems ip2long will never return negative integer. See also https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=54338

Could that be the cause?

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This seems like an odd problem. Even though 64-bit systems will store the return value of ip2long() in a 64-bit integer, when it is cast to a string (for use in a query) this will not be reflected. As long as the MySQL data type is large enough to store the data, the integer type being used by PHP should be irrelevant. –  DaveRandom Sep 17 '12 at 13:41
I fixed this problem using printf("%u", ip2long($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'])); to always get a positive value and also used bigint instead of int. But there are still some stuff not working, when inserting rows with random numbers generated for example. Do I need to change all the int fields to bigint in order for it to work ? –  Joris Blanc Sep 17 '12 at 14:40

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