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The project I am working on currently is connecting to and OData service to retrieve data from an Oracle database. Using LINQPad I can execute the query, and return the data that I'm expecting. The problem I am running into with LightSwitch is working with a composite key.

Here is the LINQ statement I am using:

from s in SYP_PROJECTS
where s.SYP_PRO_DISTNO == 5
where s.SYP_PRO_ITEMNO == Decimal.Parse("15.1")
select s

How can I use a LINQ statement against a datasource with Composite Keys, and pass in paraments from LightSwitch?


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The following code answered my original question

    partial void ReturnFromCode_PreprocessQuery(string DistrictNo, ref IQueryable<SYP_PROJECT> query)
        query = (from myProjects in query
                 where myProjects.SYP_PRO_DISTNO == Int16.Parse(DistrictNo) 
                 //where myProjects.SYP_PRO_DISTNO == 5 && myProjects.SYP_PRO_ITEMNO == Decimal.Parse("15.1")
                 orderby myProjects.SYP_PRO_DISTNO descending
                 select myProjects);
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