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The EvoPDF HTML to PDF conversion library (http://www.evopdf.com/) claims it supports the Windows Azure Cloud platform, however I can't get it to work. I get the exception:

[Exception: Could not get conversion result header. Data receive error. Could not receive data. Error code: 109]
   EvoPdf.HtmlToPdf.ImgConverter.GetLayoutFromUrl(String url, ps& htmlParseInfo) +622
   EvoPdf.HtmlToPdf.PdfConverter.ConvertAndGetPdfDocument(String url, String htmlString, String baseUrl, String internalLinksDocUrl, Boolean fromUrl) +9748
   EvoPdf.HtmlToPdf.PdfConverter.ConvertAndSaveToStream(Stream outStream, String url, String htmlString, String baseUrl, String internalLinksDocUrl, Boolean fromUrl) +61
   EvoPdf.HtmlToPdf.PdfConverter.SavePdfFromUrlToStream(String url, Stream outPdfStream) +20

This looks like its failing at the point where the library fetches the HTML content via a web request. Is there anything in Azure which prevents outgoing web requests?

The library is deployed as two DLLs, a native DLL and a managed assembly - is there any special Azure configuration required to allow native DLLs to be loaded? (The library does support xcopy deployment, I have it working this way in other hosting environments).

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Did you find a solution? I've got the same issue. –  Jon Mitchell Nov 29 '12 at 11:58

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From what I can see you need to use and Azure Web Role and not an Azure Web Site. The sites doesn't support running with Full trust.


EvoPdf have an example project for Azure that you can download that shows how to setup up a Web Role with a site that can run the EvoPdf dll.

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If the issue is related to your native DLL you might want to try changing the following attributes in the ServiceDefinition.csdef:

  • enableNativeCodeExecution: Make sure this is set to true (true is the default)
  • executionContext: Try changing this to elevated

And did you deploy the 64-bit version of the DLL?

I also see "Error code: 109" in the error message, can't you contact EvoPDF to ask what this means?

Update: If you're running in ASP.NET, could you try changing the trust level?

    <trust level="Full" />
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Tried all of the above, to no avail :-( I'm accepting as an answer due to suggestion to contact EvoPDF authors :-) –  Ross McNab Oct 25 '12 at 14:09

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