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I'm going to be delivering a presentation to my company regarding MVC, MVP and MVVM patterns, test-driven development, and ORM solutions. I'm a .Net programmer and have found the NerdDinner application to be a nice example app to illustrate MVC, TDD and ORM. Is there a good example app in the Java world to demonstrate MVC or MVP with JUnit or other TDD frameworks, and perhaps incorporating Hibernate or another ORM solution?

Thanks, Andy

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Take a look at the samples included in the Spring Framework. Download the -with dependencies zip and in the sample directory you'll find Pet Clinic, an application which uses:

  • DAO access with either JDBC, Hibernate or JPA;
  • JMX support;
  • AspectJ for tracing;
  • Validation;
  • Spring MVC.

You'll also find three more sample applications which you might find useful.

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