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I googled about this, but could't find anything which will fix my problem. (I'm new to ASP.NET Web Api)

I built an ASP.NET Web Api and when I run it from visual studio on the local machine everthing is working perfect. (in both cases it work fine, when I use "Use Visual Studio Development Server" and also "Use Local IIS Web server").

The problem is when I tried to call this web service from other computer in the lan network it didn't worked (somthing like: ""). (1) with "Use Visual Studio Development Server" - the client finish with timeout. (2) with "Use Local IIS Web server" - the client received HTTP ERROR 400 "Bad Request - Invalid Hostname" (this when I'm using port 8080 and added rule to windows firewall to pass this port).

I also tried to fully disable windows-firewall, anti-virus and it didn't help.

I have other http web service project implemented in WCF and there everything is OK, I can communicate it from other computer in lan.

NOTE! (1) the other computer is not windows....if it is important) (2) ping between the to computers/adresses is working OK.

I will realy appreciate any help. thanks,


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What happens when you use rather than localhost on the local computer? –  Maess Sep 17 '12 at 14:18
If I'm using I get the same problem, HTTP ERROR 400 "Bad Request - Invalid Hostname". –  Haim Sep 17 '12 at 19:23
@Haim am facing the same problem.... did u find any solution for this? –  Bitsian Oct 31 '12 at 7:03

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(1) visual studio development server does not support remote connections. See for more details. People try workarounds like setting a reverse proxy in these scenarios.

(2) By "Local IIS web server", I assume you are using IIS Express. Unfortunately, IIS Express doesn't allow remote connections by default. To allow remote connections, see this question.

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