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I have the following functions:

Public Function SaveExample() As Boolean


Private Function ValidateExample (ByVal vlngvariable As Long) As Boolean

I want to be able to call the second function from within the first. But I get:

"Compile error: Argument not optional"

Is what I'm trying to do possible, and if so, what is the correct syntax? I've simply tried adding the line:


Within some of the logic of the first function.

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It looks like you should specify a value for parameter vlngvariable.

For example, within the function SaveExample() call ValidateExample(x) where x is the value that ValidateExample is expecting.

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Its not related to its access modifier, it expects an argument that you do not supply, so you would need to call it with one;

ValidateExample 1234

Or make it accept an optional argument

Private Function ValidateExample (Optional ByVal vlngvariable As Long = -1) As Boolean

Which would make vlngvariable within ValidateExample equal -1 if called with no argument;

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The error message you got contains the solution: The argument is not optional. So you need to pass a value to the function (7 in my example):

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I am not even 100% which Language this is... but would the call not be something like

long vlngvariable  = 1000
Boolean result = ValidateExample(vlngvariable)

The function requires an argument passed by value.

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