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This MSDN article describes how to ecrypt and password protect a local SQL Server CE database on a WP7 device.

MyDataContext db = new MyDataContext ("Data Source='isostore:/MyDatabase.sdf';Password='mypassword'");
if (!db.DatabaseExists()) db.CreateDatabase();

I've not been able to find how to change that password once set. Is this possible? For that matter, is it possible to remove the password and encryption once created?

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No, neither is possible - I explore the subject further here: erikej.blogspot.dk/2012/03/… –  ErikEJ Sep 17 '12 at 15:48
Post as an answer and I'll accept. It's unfortunate there isn't more direct compatibility between the desktop and WP7 databases. –  Michael Itzoe Sep 18 '12 at 13:04

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No, neither is possible, as there is no ADO.NET access, on access via LINQ to SQL - I explore the subject further on my blog here: http://erikej.blogspot.dk/2012/03/windows-phone-local-database-tip.html

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