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I've created a small browser with XULRunner SDK 15 and all basic functions work now (back, forward, refresh etc.). I would like to add image blocking capabilities using the nsIContentPolicy interface and shouldLoad function in Javascript.

I've read all the articles related to this here and all Mozilla sites; And I've looked into the source of AdBlock, NoScript, ImgLikeOpera and similar addons using the interface, but nothing I've tried has worked for me; The images are always loaded.

Could anyone help me in creating the component? What other interfaces can I use the block the images before they start to load?

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After modifying every components code that work with Firefox I thought it's hardly likely that there's a problem with the code itself. I looked into the filesystem of the SDK and figured out that the javascript implementation of the nsIContentPolicy interface is missing while in the XULRunner source code the C++ implementation exists. So the question is how could I add the javascript implementation to the SDK (where can it be downloaded from) or how could I recompile the source including this (and maybe all other) interface as well. – SkynetTX Sep 19 '12 at 7:44
Ok. I was just curious and put my component code into a Firefox extension. It worked perfectly. For the standalone XULRunner app nothing works. Even the simplest "Hello world" does not show the alertbox. Anyone has any idea why? – SkynetTX Sep 27 '12 at 9:17

Use the image permissions setting in the XULRunner prefs.js to do this:

pref("permissions.default.image", 2);


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