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Is there any way to use dependsOnMethods in my TestNG annotation's for tests written in groovy as so?

class WarehouseBehavior {
    void shouldHaveWarehouse() {
        def warehouse = registry.getService Warehouse.class
        assertNotNull warehouse
    @Test(dependsOnMethods = ['shouldHaveWarehouse'])
    void shouldStoreDataInWarehouse() {
        def warehouse = registry.getService Warehouse.class
        warehouse.store(['a': 'b', 'c': 'd'])

I'm either missing something here or groovy just doesn't support this type of annotations since similar code works perfectly well in Java while running this in groovy gives me the following error

WarehouseBehavior.shouldStoreDataInWarehouse() is depending on method public void WarehouseBehavior.shouldHaveWarehouse(), which is not annotated with @Test
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Test method has package scope.

Explicitly declare public as:

public void shouldHaveWarehouse() {
    // .....
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It would make a lot of sense if this was Java, but it's not since as stated in Differences from Java Groovy makes methods and classes public by default. In other words void shouldHaveWarehouse() { /* ... */ } is exactly the same as public void shouldHaveWarehouse() { /* ... */ } only a little more concise. –  Kęstutis Oct 1 '12 at 13:05

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