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Is there any difference in pushing the master branch of a local git repository to the master branch of a remote repository called origin with git push origin master or with git push origin?

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The default action of git push and git push origin has changed since git version 1.7.11:

  • Before 1.7.11, git push by default pushes all branches that also exist remotely with the same name.

  • Since 1.7.11, git push by default pushes the current branch to a remote branch with the same name.

Before and after version 1.7.11, the default behavior can be configured with the push.default configuration option. This configuration option has been introduced in git version 1.6.3.

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Will it work if the current and remote branches have same name but different case? e.g "AppName" vs "appname", just curious.. –  Prince Apr 14 at 19:47
git push origin master

This only pushes your master branch to origin

git push origin

Pushes all your branches to origin

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A slight clarification to that - git push origin may by default push all branches, but really it pushes "whatever you have configured to push". The default can be changed, so unless you know what your repo is configured to push, the explicit git push origin master is "safer" in some respect. –  twalberg Sep 17 '12 at 15:46
See the accepted answer for a clarification on a change since version 1.7.11 –  Dercsár Mar 13 '13 at 9:45

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