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i would love to get rid of some tiny images in a rssfeed by matching and removing them with Apples NSRegularExpressions.

<img src="somepic" height="1" width="1"> should be matched for removal
<img src="somepic" height="50" width="100"> -> should also be matched
<img src="somepic" height="100" width="100"> -> this one should not be matched

my current approach is not working yet


my guess is there is some problem with the capture groups (which are probably not needed at all). Does anyone have a hint why its not working?

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The problem is that all img attributes must match the first capture group, which fails for the src attribute. You need to make sure your check only applies to width and height attributes, but leave other attributes such as src alone. (Also, [height|width] should be something like (height|width).) –  Mattias Buelens Sep 17 '12 at 15:42

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Try this regex:


It fixes the small issues you had, that Mattias Buelens mentioned in his comment.

See on rubular.

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Thanks Morja. I added the handling for px and em in the height, width attributes. rubular.com/r/OYcuO8cwzr <img[^>]*(?:height|width)\s*=\s*"[1-9]?[0-9](px)*(em)*"[^>]*> –  Mohd Farid Apr 21 '13 at 9:21

This is in c# regex


Hope this helps..

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