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I have an HTML Action Link as

 <div>@Html.ActionLink("New Requests>", "GetNewRequests", "Resource", null, new { @class = "spbutton" })</div>

Which displays on a page as a link "New Requests >" when clicked it shows a grid of the requests.

I now need this link to be "New Requests (x)>" ex( New Requests(4)) where x is the count of the number of new requests, also equal to the number of rows in a grid.

I am not sure how to dynamically add the text the Html.ActionLink call.

Any help appreciated.

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Add a property to your view model containing this information. Have the controller action populate it. And then it's trivial:

        "New Requests (" + Model.TotalRequestsCount + ")>", 
        new { @class = "spbutton" }
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You could put a property

public int RequestCount {get; set;}

in your viewModel for the view. Populate the property at the same time you make the call to get the requests and populate the grid. Then you link would be

<div>@Html.ActionLink("New Requests("+@Model.RequestCount+") >", "GetNewRequests", "Resource", null, new { @class = "spbutton" })</div>
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