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Here is what is happening...

My website redirects to Third Party Website which uses window.location to redirect back to my website. All this is happenining inside a pop up window.

The issue i am facing is in Chrome, after the redirect window.close is undefined along with some other attributes like window.opener Any idea how can I close this window ?

Don't have much control over how redirection is happening as its a third party website.

I changed window.location in one of my pages to redirect to another page and in that page this issue was reproducible.


The issue was not window.location redirection but something else ... Trying to debug it further, have found a solution though and answered in this question.

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Once the open window navigates to a domain that is not the same as the parent, you no longer have access to the window from the parent.

To workaround this you can have a page on your site that just contains an iframe with the src attribute set to the appropriate 3rd party website url.

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I am not trying to access from the parent but calling window.close inside the pop up itself. –  Rishabh Sep 17 '12 at 16:59
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The first answer in this question worked: problem with window.close and chrome

window.open('','_self', '');

This works... the only reasong that i can think of is, on calling window.open window object is reinitialized in the pop up and hence window.close() does not return undefined.

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