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First off, I'm not a codeignitor developer, though I've had some exposure to it and MVC in general. I inherited a project where the companies old dev had taken down their codeignitor website and replaced it with a static one page html thing. They did this by (as far as I can tell) just renaming the index.php and putting an index.html in the root.

So... I moved all the codeignitor files to a subdirectory, and renamed the index.php file appropriately

Now the homepage appears, but all internal links are broken with an internal (500) server error.

I've done a couple things to no avail:

  • modified the config.php base_url to include the subdir: $config['base_url'] = "http://". $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']."/subdir/";
  • tried all the options for $config['uri_protocol']

Anyone have any ideas? I really just need to recover the data from the site, which I can do manually just by looking in the database and some other stuff coded directly into the views - but I'd rather just get the old site running in the subdirectory.

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Is $config['index_page'] = ''; ?

Is the server running Apache? If so, what about the .htaccess rules? If so, you may need to add a RewriteBase rule, like so:

RewriteBase /subdir/

We're going off the assumption that the old dev used anchor(), base_url(), and/or site_url() correctly. If they hard-coded the links (which you shouldn't do with CI), then you'd have to write .htaccess rules to rewrite them to the new sub directory or edit the controllers/views that might be generating such links.

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good thinking - just tried, but it didn't change anything. – Zach Lysobey Sep 17 '12 at 16:58
do you think its worth me going through that config.php stuff again after this edit? – Zach Lysobey Sep 17 '12 at 16:59
Did you test it before putting it in the subdirectory? – Brendan Sep 17 '12 at 17:04
No, I didn't want it to affect the current live page. But you're right to question this. I realize my approach was flawed, and I am able to access the original site (which is all I need) by just referencing the pages by – Zach Lysobey Sep 17 '12 at 17:07
Giving you the check, since you got me thinking in the right direction. – Zach Lysobey Sep 17 '12 at 17:07

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