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I have created a Datebox in Uibinder .

       <d:DateBox ui:field="completedDate"></d:DateBox>

and have not define any css for this

I am getting a white background datebox ,without any format, in Chrome in firefox its fine ..

I have tried all of these one by one and also all together , but no luck in Chrome .

        <inherits name=''/> 
        <inherits name=''/>  
        <inherits name=''/>   

Any idea

or if someone can give me the default css which i can add inside




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DateBox has no unique styles in GWT. It's just a textbox, and it looks like a textbox in every browser. What do you mean when you say it looks fine in Firefox but not in Chrome? Can you attach a screenshot? –  Andrei Volgin Sep 17 '12 at 17:44

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Is there a reason you want the firefox-look in chrome?

I would recommend defining a style that suits your needs and set it for the DateBox, so you have a unique look for various browsers.

Maybe take a look at this question for the textbox: Default textbox border-style and width

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