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I am trying to create a checkbox filtering system that will have two categories. These categories will output results that are exclusive to each. I've created the fiddle page here to show what I am doing. I want to show only results that match both categories.

The HTML testing looks like this:

<div class="filter">
    <form id="partners">
        <h4>Filter by Venue:</h4>
        <input type="checkbox" name="team" value="BBG" />BBG<br />
        <input type="checkbox" name="team" value="BCM" />BCM<br />
        <input type="checkbox" name="team" value="BM" />BM<br />
        <input type="checkbox" name="team" value="BPL" />BPL<br />
        <input type="checkbox" name="team" value="BPP" />PP<br />
        <input type="checkbox" name="team" value="PPZ" />PPZ<br />
    <br />
    <h4> Filter by Ages: </h4>
    <form id="ages">
        <input type="checkbox" name="brand" value="aAll" />All Ages<br />
        <input type="checkbox" name="brand" value="aAdults" />Adults<br />
        <input type="checkbox" name="brand" value="aTeens" />Teens<br />
        <input type="checkbox" name="brand" value="a0-18" />0-18 months<br />
        <input type="checkbox" name="brand" value="a1" />1.5-3 years<br />
        <input type="checkbox" name="brand" value="a2" />2.5-5 years<br />
        <input type="checkbox" name="brand" value="a4-7" />4-7 years<br />
        <input type="checkbox" name="brand" value="a7-12" />7-12 years<br />
<hr />
<div class="event">
    Item 1  BPP aAll
    <span class="check BPP aAll"> </span>
<div class="event">
    Item 2  BCM a2
    <span class="check BCM a2"> </span>
<div class="event">
    Item 3 BPP aAll
    <span class="check BPP aAll"> </span>
<div class="event">
    Item 4 BPP a7-12
    <span class="check BPP a7-12"> </span>

And my jQuery looks like this:

function filterThis() {
    var checked = $('input:checked');
    var venues = $('#partners input:checked').map(function() {
        return this.value;
    var ages = $('#ages input:checked').map(function() {
        return this.value;
    var both = $('input:checked').map(function() {
        return this.value;

    var details = $('.check');

    if ($('input:checked').length === 0) {
    } else { 
        checked.each(function(index) {
            if (ages.length === 0) {
               $(".check." + venues[index].replace(' ', '.')).parents('.event').show();
            } else if (venues.length === 0) {
               $(".check." + ages[index].replace(' ', '.')).parents('.event').show();
            } else {
               $(".check." + both[index].replace(' ', '.')).parents('.event').show();
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JQuery .map() returns array, not string.


$(".check." + both[index].replace(' ', '.')).parents('.event').show();


$(".check." +  both.toString().replace(',', '.')).parents('.event').show();
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thanks but this still didn't work :( – Tim McLoone Sep 17 '12 at 18:18 - if I select both BPP and aAll, I see Item 1 and Item 3, if select BPP and a7-12, I see Item 4, it solve your question? – doktorgradus Sep 17 '12 at 18:27
It works great until you select another venue or age. When you select another age, nothing happens and if you select another venue it clears. I need to be able to select all the venues and filter these down by age and visa versa. – Tim McLoone Sep 17 '12 at 18:37
Oh, I'm sorry, I misunderstood you. My cuurent solution (on my current interpretation): – doktorgradus Sep 17 '12 at 19:27

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