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I am new to Lucene and I wanted I wanted to filter my search result based on 3 criterion:

  1. value of field document_type should be Product
  2. value of field brand_id should be 4
  3. value of field family_id should be all of the values from (121, 232, 343)

So what I basically want is to have combinations like following in the search result:

  1. document_type:Product AND brand_id:4 AND family_id:121
  2. document_type:Product AND brand_id:4 AND family_id:232
  3. document_type:Product AND brand_id:4 AND family_id:343

I thought document_type:Product AND brand_id:4 AND family_id:(121 232 343) should do the trick but while parsing this query standard analyzer makes Product to even when while indexing field document_type for value Product was set to Field.Index.NOT_ANALYZED and Field.Store.YES.

I was wondering if it is possible to create a boolean query by combining 3 possible queries for the given 3 cases.

I am quite new with Lucene, could someone help me with it?


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Query.combine(Query[]) worked like a charm for the given situation. 

The documentation for the given method is available here.

The query turned out to be like following once the combine was applied:

(+document_type:Product +brand_id:4 +family_id:121) (+document_type:Product +brand_id:4 +family_id:232) (+document_type:Product +brand_id:4 +family_id:343)


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