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I have a few xcode projects (static libraries) that I include in several other projects through the use of git-submodules. This works great and I like this way of sharing code between projects. However, since I am adding some of these libraries to pretty much every new project I create I would like to streamline this process somehow. Create some sort of "template" of which I can base all my projects.

I would like some way to automaticly go through these steps:

  1. Create a new project called X
  2. Add a fixed (or dynamic) list of submodules
  3. Have the added submodules automaticly added to the Xcode-project

Is it possible to create a script for this? With a syntax like:

fooproj -n "Bar" -s "foundation, coredata, uikit"

(where Bar is the name of the new project and foundation, coredata and uikit would be the submodules to add)

Or is there some other way I could streamline this process?

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Have you looked into Xcode Templates? They're quite powerful and are the basis of how Xcode currently sets up new projects. Here are a few links on how to create Xcode templates:

NSScreencast, bob Mccune's blog,

And a few sample resources to get you started:

Xcode 5 project templates and Minimal templates

They're confusing at first, now I couldn't live without them. Xcode templates are a huge time-saver.

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