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Napkee claims to:

Export Balsamiq Mockups to HTML/CSS/JS and Adobe Flex 3 at a click of a button.

  • Balsamiq's perfect companion
  • No coding skills required
  • Pays for itself after one use

If it really "works" Napkee could be extremely useful.

Does Napkee work as advertised? What is the quality of the exported HTML? Is it a must-have companion to Balsamiq (which I love)?

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See the list of tools that work with balsamiq here: balsamiq.com/support/community e.g. balsamiq to html, balsamiq to android etc –  David d C e Freitas Jul 23 '11 at 14:17

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I've tried it, the Flex exporting seems good, but the HTML exporting is bad, component location is not accurate.

Now I am using ForeUI, it can create mockups like balsamiq and also able to export working html.

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I recently imported some linked Balsamiq mockups into Napkee with the goal of creating a click-through HTML demo. Napkee did not work as advertised. I sent an email (with attachments) to the Napkee team and did not get a response. The video tutorial on Napkee's site is not helpful.

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it's Enrico from Napkee here :) I should not say if it works or not but please keep in mind that new versions are published weekly bringing new features and fixing layout problems that Napkee may have!

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I feel that Napkee is worth it, because it allows users to export their creativity from Mockups, Balsamiq that is, and work with them interactively.

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Try, appsketcher. It claims same as Napkee does. But You'll have to design prototype in itself. It doesn't support BMML files.

But it reminds me working on Dreamweaver and other drag-n-drop applications specially made for developing HTML templates.

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