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I am using valgrind-cachegrind for my L2 cache bottlenecks and below is a single line output of the command

valgrind --tools=cachegrind EXECUTABLE


==3420== Cachegrind, an I1/D1/L2 cache profiler.
==3420== I   refs:      104,260,064,149
==3420== I1  misses:          1,678,402
==3420== L2i misses:            227,620
==3420== I1  miss rate:            0.00%
==3420== L2i miss rate:            0.00%

events: Ir I1mr I2mr Dr D1mr D2mr Dw D1mw D2mw
0 344827123 99754 17614 126416496 10253102 4816676 61417698 14508368 4860336
0 126 12 5 38 0 0 49 1 0

I am baffled as to how Ir (Instruction cache read) shows up as 0. It shows 0 for all the functions in the cachegrind output.

Any pointers? Thanks. Bi

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Ir is "I refs"; and in output it is in the second column. First column is linenumber in the function. Format is explained here: valgrind.org/docs/manual/… (format is the same in general for callgrind and cachegrind) and I recommend you to use kcachegrind to view cachegrind.out.* files. –  osgx Dec 6 '12 at 0:42

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