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I have a Facebook app that is running perfectly on a page tab, loaded over HTTPS and presents no SSL warnings after initial load.

But after awhile the fb ticker feed on the right of all page tabs (where it streams what your friends are doing), loads new stories asynchronously, but it loads insecure content.

I get console warnings like this:

the page [secure facebook page tab url] displayed insecure 
content from 

It loads that 1x1 gif, the grey line between new items, and small profile pic thumbnails, such as this:

These obviously break the https connection in the browser, which in IE9 causes pretty big problems by default.

All of this is loaded from Facebook, outside of the canvas iframe. So how do I get FB to load secure content, or not load new feed stories?

Anyone else have this problem?

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Anyone else running FB Apps securely that become insecure after a few FB notifications come up? – chuuke Nov 13 '12 at 21:30
Are you sure you don't have a hardcoded URL to drP8vlvSl_8.gif ALSO inside your canvas? – Gaia May 23 '13 at 16:51

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