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I'm trying to add filter_access_to with attribute_check: true but my model, Assignment, is nested on Project and I want to check that the current user is assigned to the project so he/she can update the assignments (i.e. all the assignments, not just a specific one) on the project.

I have the next permission:

has_permissions_on :assignment do |a|
    to :read
    if_attribute :user, is { user }

And in my controller:

filter_access_to :all, require: :manage, context: :assignment, attribute_check: true

The problem is that I can't access the index page because it doesn't find the assignment's id.

My models are:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
    has_many :assignments
    has_many :projects, through: :assignments

class Project < ActiveRecord::Base
    has_many :assignments
    has_many :users, through: :assignments

class Assignment < ActiveRecord::Base
    belongs_to :user, inverse_of: :assignments
    belongs_to :project, inverse_of: :assignments
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Unless you have a very specific need to use filter_access_to, you can use filter_resource_access (see docs) instead and specify :nested_in option.

Simply change your filer_access_to line with the following (or similar):

filter_resource_access nested_in: :projects

If you really want to continue using filter_access_to, then you need to create an instance of Assignment associated with Project and assign it to @assignment instance variable in a before_filter. This is what Declarative Authorization does under the hood when you use filter_resource_access.

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Here's the code that did the trick for me:

before_filter :set_assignment
    filter_access_to [:index,:create,:destroy], require: :manage, context: :assignment, attribute_check: true
def set_assignment
  @project ||= Project.find(params[:project_id])
  p = {project_id: @project.id}.merge(params[:assignment] || {})
  @assignment ||= (params[:id] ? Assignment.find(params[:id]) : Assignment.new(p))

No idea why filter_resource_access :nested_in => :project didn't work. It worked for index but it didn't for create and destroy.

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